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  1. Keys to a Successful Marriage

    Keys to a Successful Marriage


    4 CD package. This four message set by Raul Ries will bring to light some needed wisdom and understanding concerning the subject of submission and put to rest culturally accepted errors about it. Submission to our spouse is never greater than our submission to God. As we submit to God and to one another He uses these situations to mature us, to bless us, and to reveal our own weaknesses. Learn More
  2. Choosing A Godly Mate

    Choosing A Godly Mate


    5 CD package. When one is asked what he or she desires in a mate, most of the things they mention are qualities pertaining to looks and personality. Hardly anything is mentioned pertaining to character. People admire personality. God admires character. Learn More
  3. Husband & Wife: What is Your Role?

    Husband & Wife: What is Your Role?


    4 CD Package. In our society today, traditional marriage has been redefined, but we have to remember the Word of God never changes. God instituted marriage and He gave men and women guidelines, so they can come together and truly become one.

    You can have a successful, fruitful and fulfilling marriage when both the husband and wife understand their position in the marriage. God intended husbands and wives to come together and be a compliment to one another. When each person in the marriage understands and fulfills their position in the relationship, there is harmony in the marriage, as both are ultimately submitted to the Lord.

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  4. What Destroys Marriage

    What Destroys Marriage


    3 CD package. Every man and woman go into a marriage believing it is going to last forever, but they are not always prepared to work on their relationship and fight against the things coming against them. We have to remember, we have an enemy—Satan—and he is going to throw all kinds of obstacles in your path to cause problems and division.

    If you want to be prepared to stop the enemy before he begins, listen to what God’s Word has to say about marriage and the weapons Satan will use against you, so you can meet the challenge head on as a united force.

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  5. Is Divorce An Option?

    Is Divorce An Option?


    4 CD Package. Marriage is tough. It takes work to have a successful marriage. Many times, may seem easier to throw in the towel and walk away from your spouse; that is a lie straight from the devil. Remember, Jesus said the only reason Moses allowed divorce is because of the hardness of man’s heart. Divorce was never a part of God’s plan.

    Marriage is tough, because two people have to be willing to submit to God and die to self. It may be easier to walk away, but then the blessings God wants to give you as a couple He brought together to serve Him are lost. Divorce is may be easier but there are other options, which God can use to draw you closer together.

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