Daily Devotional

  • God’s Great Mercy — Thursday July 30, 2015

    God’s Great Mercy

    “Therefore return now, and go in peace, that you may not displease the lords of the Philistines.” So David said to Achish, “But what have I done? And to this day what have you found in your servant as long as I have been with you, that I may not go and fight against the enemies of my lord the king?”

    1 Samuel 29:7-8

    Look at David; he was not sensitive to the Lord. God was giving him an opportunity to get out of there, but David still wanted to go to war against Israel. He was so blind at this particular moment. Achish was not the only man without discernment at this time. David had no discernment of wisdom. He did not even recognize the hand of God at work in his life.

    While God was working to get David out of trouble, David insulted the Lord. He called Achish, “my lord the king”. David was a child of God. Achish was not his lord. Even though David was willing to go to war against God’s people and he called Achish Lord, God still loved him so much, He was trying to protect David.

    The faithfulness of God is incredible. He is faithful to us when we are not faithful to Him. There are no conditions to His love, grace and mercy. He loves us in spite of our faithlessness. It is amazing.

    God’s faithfulness to us does not mean we should act like David. It just means God has mercy on us when we act like mere men—people who are imperfect. God recognizes our weaknesses and loves us even though we do not deserve His love. That is His great grace and mercy for us.

    What a world this would be if God sat on a throne of justice only, and if no mercy were ever to be shown to men!
    ~Albert Barnes~

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