Daily Devotional

  • Undertaking the Work of God — Saturday February 25, 2017

    SATURDAY February 25, 2017

    Undertaking the Work of God

    “The wall of Jerusalem is also broken down, and its gates are burned with fire.”

    Nehemiah 1:3

    Imagine, in starting the work of God, Nehemiah took on a big undertaking. He would have to count the cost of being a leader. After he had heard Jerusalem was broken down, and its gates were burned with fire, he was willing to lead the people––they could not grow spiritually on their own. God had chosen Nehemiah, just as He had chosen other leaders in Israel’s past history, men such as––Jeremiah and Isaiah.

    When God chooses leaders it is not so they can “Lord” over the people. A leader’s main objective is to guide others to the cross. This is where they will learn to grow and mature. Ministry can be very tiresome––every single day, you have to study, teach and sometimes travel. When the weather is beautiful and there is an opportunity to go to the beach often you have to deny yourself to study. In ministry you have to count the cost––that is the heart of a shepherd, even though exhausting––I love it.

    When people come in for counseling there is a major problem. It soon becomes obvious that their house––the walls of their spiritual life are broken down. Why? They do not read their Bibles, pray or fellowship with other Christians. It does not matter what the sin issues are because their situations can all boil down to those three areas of their spiritual life.

    If you are in church, listening to God’s Word and fellowshipping with other believers then you will remain, accountable. The Word of God will convict you of sin and as you pray your life is realigned with the Lord. If you are not doing those three important things, then what has replaced them? Who are you now fellowshipping with? Are those friendships pulling you away from Christ? Or are they leading you to the power of the cross––that is important. In rebuilding the walls of your life––God has to be first.

    The cross is the resting place for sin, the tomb for self
    and the throne for our fears.
    ~Harold St. John~

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