Mission statement: With this ministry our goal and objective remains the same as it was in the beginning “fun, fellowship, fitness and most of all, learning more about our LORD and savior JESUS CHRIST. Each season beginning in March for the last twenty five years our goal is doing our best to have a “no drop bike club” (stipulation- being consistent in your training). We strive to keep our groups together. Always starting out in prayer, and middle of the ride devotionals, to teach us, and to learn more about JESUS as our LORD and personal savior. As 1 Corinthians 9:24 states: do you not know that those that run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it. We always place JESUS in the front of the pack, learning that the spiritual aspects of this ministry are first, having the physical be a second objective. We encourage everyone to be a part of this wonderful sport of cycling, inviting all believer and non believers, being grateful that he, JESUS, remains at the “front of the pack”.

History: Calvary Cycling Association (CCA) was founded in the mid 80′s by a pastor who wanted to blend fellowship and exercise through bicycling, both recreational and sport.

While CCA is not a bicycle-racing club, many club members have participated in local racing events, including mountain bike races, time trials, and crits. As a club, CCA provides rides that span a spectrum of cycling interests, including road endurance rides, fast hammer rides, mountain bike rides, and weekend trips. Rides vary in length and difficulty, but there is something for every type of rider. We always stop and regroup, so no one ever gets dropped!
Club members are a mélange of individuals who range in age from teenagers to … well, if they won’t tell, neither will we!

Prospective members and guests are welcome on all club rides; the only requirement to join a CCA ride it that participants wear an ANSI approved helmet. CCA would like to invite you to come and join the fun!

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Our Vision: With humble beginnings of the bicycle dated to the mid-1500 century, today it’s become an international sport drawing widespread interest. Our group began riding and racing bikes in the mid 80s only within the Los Angeles region. 2012 marks a new era as we aim for a sixth consecutive year to participate in races in Colombia, South America.Our races in Colombia have drawn regional attention and continue to grow every year. Our first race in January 2008, we began with 35 cyclists growing to 100 cyclists later in November 2008 and reaching over 125 cyclists in November 2009. Last year in 2010, we had two events with more than 250 cyclists participating within 7 categories broadcast live with RCN Radio. 2011 was our largest event with over 350 participants.Amongst the Colombian riders, it’s the event to attend and not to be missed. It’s known for its organization of the event providing licensed judges, police escort on the roads and on-site medical support for any possible injuries. The participants mostly enjoy the quality of prizes for the winners. Prizes range from complete, full carbon bicycles, as well as frame sets, wheel sets, helmets, jerseys and commemorative event t-shirts.

In 2011, we were thrilled to participate in two events on the calendar. The first is October 30 and 31 with the second on November 6 and 7, which we anticipate over 200 cyclists within 7 categories. We have new sponsorships forming, too.

We approach you with the invitation to participate as a sponsor. We know you’re as passionate about sports as we are, especially cycling. We’re excited to see our little event grow and hope you can be a part of it. We encourage you to visit our web site, www.calvarycycling.org, and review our history.

We’re excited about what 2012 has to offer and look forward to you joining us in these spectacular events!

Target: to receive sponsorship of products, goods and financial contribution to announce, organize and produce two cycling events in Colombia in 2012 with hopes of maintaining long-term relationships with sponsors for future planned events

Abilities: display logos, company names and other announcement mediums of event advertisement prior to event and during event with banners, small item giveaways and sponsor name while promoting sponsor’s products, goods and or services. Procure and produce commemorative event jerseys with sponsor logos.

Achievements: advertised, promoted and produced three prior events in January 2008, November 2008, 2009 and 2010 with consistent increase in participants and sponsors. Received support of local municipalities to provide housing, meals, medical support, police escort and security for entire event.

Goals for 2012: increase media coverage of advertisement of event, live broadcast via television and achieve 500 participants for event.