Raul Ries is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs and President of Somebody Loves You Ministries.

After his miraculous conversion in 1972, Raul began to read and study the Bible extensively, regardless of his former poor study habits in high school. In 1974, he began a home Bible study with seven other committed individuals. He started to preach and counsel the youth during the noon hour at his former high school, Baldwin Park High. Soon after, Raul would visit several high school campuses each week conducting Bible studies.

Calvary Chapel West Covina grew out of Raul’s home fellowship. As the fellowship grew, it moved to his Kung-Fu studio, then to the Fox Theatre and was soon meeting weekly at a converted Safeway store in 1979 with 800 people.

In 1993, the congregation moved to Diamond Bar, into a 101,000 square-foot corporate building on twenty-eight acres. Calvary Chapel Golden Springs (as it is now known) draws between 12,000 and 14,000 in attendance weekly.

Somebody Loves You Ministries, directed by Raul Ries, encompasses radio broadcasts, concert evangelism, concert outreaches, book publishing and film/video production.

Raul Ries is heard internationally on more than 350 radio stations and translators on the daily 30-minute syndicated radio program, Somebody Loves You.

Over the years, Ries’ outreaches, from the Exit Festivals in the United States and the Escape Festivals in South America to the Somebody Loves You Concerts around the world, have seen thousands of men, women and children in attendance, with many making decisions for Christ. The high-energy concerts feature popular Christian rock and alternative bands with a simple and straightforward message by Raul Ries. While attracting all ages, the concerts have a high percentage of youth in attendance.

His great love for the Word made him pursue higher education and he now holds three Master Degrees from Azusa Pacific University and a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Author of several books, including Fury to Freedom (the story of his early life and dramatic conversion — translated in several languages), Raul Ries has inspired five films: Fury to Freedom (a feature film dramatization of the book); A Quiet Hope (a riveting and stirring documentary detailing seven soldier’s accounts of the Vietnam War and its aftermath), A Venture in Faith (a documentary of the history of the Calvary Chapel movement), Damascus Road: Raul Ries – Autobiography (a documentary of his life) and Taking the Hill: A Warriors Journey Home (a documentary chronicling his time in Vietnam and currently ministering to military personnel and their families).

He has been sought worldwide to share his life changing testimony about God’s amazing grace.