Sharon Ries’ Biography

Sharon Faith Ries is the wife of Raul Ries the pastor of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, CA. He is the evangelist of the EXIT Concerts, Somebody Loves You Concerts and the Bible teacher of the radio program Somebody Loves You, heard daily throughout the USA and New Zealand.

Sharon spent her childhood and early youth in South America with her missionary parents Edmund and Naomi Farrel. Upon her parent’s return from the mission field, to further their two daughters’ education, Sharon fell in love with Raul who was a non-believer, married him and suffered verbal and physical abuse. The story of Raul’s miraculous conversion has been recorded in her book My Husband, My Maker and his book & movie From Fury to Freedom which has been distributed in several languages worldwide.

She leads the Women’s Ministry at CCGS, serves on the Calvary Chapel Pastors’ Wives Board and does extensive missionary work throughout South America. Sharon has an intense passion to see souls saved in the utter most parts of the world.


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