As a ministry, we feel the most important part of your walk with the Lord is to spend time in prayer and the Word in order to know Him more intimately.

In a time when there are many events and activities to draw us away from the Word of God and His ways, it is important to have alternative events that will draw you closer to God and help you to achieve a deeper relationship with Him.

To this end, CCGS likes to provide you with many opportunities throughout the week to be in fellowship and in the Word. There are women’s studies, men’s studies, retreats for women, children, men and families, youth studies, prayer nights and the list goes on.

We invite you to check out the many ministries available for you to get involved with to serve the Lord and enjoy fellowship within the body of Christ.


Ministry Name Link
New Believer Instructors
New Believers (Foundations in the Faith)
Seasons Gift Store
Sports Outreach
Widows (At Our Gates)
Bible College
Calvary Cycling Association
Convalescent (Compassion)
Military (Frontsight)
Martial Arts (Kung Fu San Soo)
Law & Legislation (Salt & Light)
Somebody Loves You
Law Enforcement
Men's Fellowship
Addictions (New Thirst)
Jr. High School (The Gathering)
High School (The Resistance)
Sunday Night Study (The Gig)
College & Career (The Pursuit)
Coffee House (Petra Grounds)
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Food Service & Store House
First Aid
Graphic Design
Mommies' Study (Footsteps)