A National Travesty

Many people in our country have lost perspective on what real human tragedy looks like and it is a national travesty. Americans are suffering both here and around the world. Many are losing their jobs and their homes, while others are in dangerous situations, as they serve in the military, serve the Lord as missionaries or have been caught up in political upheaval in foreign lands.

Here in the United States, young girls and boys are being taken off the streets and sold into the sex trade, but it goes unnoticed, because too many people are focused on being politically correct. They are focused on the Washington Redskin trademark and changing traditional marriage. They are worried about global warming but not the condition of the people living in this world.

It is a travesty to watch the news and see what is making the headlines, while millions of people are truly suffering. We do not need to see another interview with Donald Sterling or watch another politician rejoicing because the US Patent and Trademark Commission has taken away a politically incorrect trademark. We need to know what is being done to help the people suffering in this country.

As Christians, we have to remember, Christ was not politically correct. He stirred thing up. He called sin, sin and called people out for their sin, right to their faces. He was not concerned with being popular and saying what the people wanted to hear.

Jesus was more concerned with the people being obedient to the Lord. He wanted to save the souls of the people. As His ambassadors in this world, we need to be concerned with the souls of people. We should have a heart and desire to minister to them in the midst of their tragedy.

As a nation, I pray people will come to the realization that we have gotten off track and have a desire to address the truly tragic events we have seen unfolding in our nation and around the world. Let’s forget about political correctness and focus on the hearts and souls of the people suffering and perishing around us. Once we regain a godly perspective, we will no longer have to worry about being politically correct, because we will have love for the people around us and compassion for their plight.

— Staff Writer