American Tragedy

I fully intended to welcome back our blog readers with what was going to be a silver lining of hope; against the dark contrast of the current instabilities created by our failed government. Hope, a confidence that God would be merciful and raise up a new president; one who might have the courage to take our nation back on the upward road of moral and political principles where God may continue to ‘Shed His grace on thee’ . . .

However, another American tragedy in this week’s news has caused a heavy cloud of sadness to hang over us; we need to pray for God’s grace in our nation . . .  then pause in silence to remember the nine victims and those wounded in what has been called, another mass murder. Christopher Harper Mercer burst into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon last Thursday morning and went on a killing spree. His bullets found their targets; many were singled out for annihilation when they confessed they were Christians. He then fled and after being wounded he shot himself. Once more, with heavy hearts, we join empathically with our sorrowing Americans; we are to weep with those who weep . . . our sincere condolences to all the families in their time of mourning. We hope for the God of all comfort to be close to those who are now in deep mourning.

Strongly debated on the news were our President’s words in reaction to this American tragedy. He was slammed for his political bid for gun control instead of consoling those who really needed to hear some kind words, no tears shed here.  We need to keep our Second Amendment freedom: ‘The right to bear arms.’  Every American home has the right to defend themselves and to protect their loved ones. We are all, I am sure, for making tougher restrictions on guns for those who have mental health issues, are known criminals or terrorists; but Mr. President, do not make American civilians vulnerable and defenseless as lambs to the slaughter.  An unarmed America will be an invaded America!

Protecting America against terrorism is a main issue in the debates for our new candidates; perhaps they can gain some inspiring pointers from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in his epic speech at the UN General Assembly Address. In the wake of a nuclear weapons deal with Iran, he being acutely aware of the real threat of invasion conveyed his deep concern for Israel. He knows Iran’s intent to bring about the annihilation, the complete genocide of the Jewish people.

The Prime Minister’s speech was full of courage; he made a righteous stand despite the smug smiles on the faces of Israel’s known enemies.  He was commendable in strength, standing tall against an insurmountable tide of anti-Semitism and blind hatred. He exposed once again, the truth that Iranian’s supreme leader has made it crystal clear in a written pledge: “There will be no Israel in twenty five years.”

He spoke of the response of the UN leaders towards that real threat. It was absolutely nothing but utter silence; a deafening silence. He then was silent himself for forty four seconds, with a steadfast and piercing glare into the faces and eyes of his audience; he got his point over perfectly. It is not only Israel’s safety at stake but the world’s.  The impending danger of Russia having boots in Syria brings us much closer to the daunting and prophetical biblical holocaust of Ezekiel 38-39. Seeing the signs of the times, Christians are looking up in expectation of the redemptive rapture of the church (1 Corinthians 15:51-53).

What has this all to do with our new president you may ask? Here are some things to consider when voting for the next president of the United States: We need a president that allies with Israel, we best remember God’s words to Abraham, of blessing or curse: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:3).

To not have a president who allies with Israel would definitely create the greatest American tragedy in our nation’s history. We need God for us, not against us in judgment; we need God to bless America.  We hope, through God’s grace, the next President of the United States of America will be a person that will pave the way to a better future for our children and grandchildren.

In this new election, examine the new candidates under the scrutiny of the scriptures. Do they fit the high standards of character and morals found in the heroic biblical leaders of the past? Can they rebuild and unify America as Nehemiah when he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem? Are they eloquent in speech and have knowledge of doctrine as Ezra? In the face of our enemies can they be as strong and courageous as Joshua? Can they be as industrious as Daniel and Joseph? Do they believe in speaking the truth, as Christ who is Truth? Are they a person, who will have a deep love, commitment and compassion for all people in America as Deborah, a strong Judge of Israel?

If we vote for a liberal leader, they will be more likened to the evils of Jezebel and Ahab; that will be another fatal American tragedy.

If we fail to vote righteously in this next election we shall weep for America, as it may be no more. If the Church remains asleep and does not wake up and let their voice be heard, we shall indeed weep bitterly. Let your voice be heard now or we shall have no voice at all.

God help us, if you do not know how to vote learn or ask someone; let your vote count. If you do not know the candidates, educate yourself about them  . . .  but do not sit cozy and inactive in your homes this next year. Fight for your children and grandchildren, their futures depend on it.

If we fail, the anti-Christian liberal values will be strengthened, our wholesome morals disregarded. We shall loose our children and youth to the most liberal and damaging indoctrination let loose in our schools and colleges. We will succumb to harsher persecution; pastors will be imprisoned and our churches will be closed.  Our constitutional freedoms of speech and freedom of religion will be removed.

Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, wept for the backslidden nation of Israel; knowing that the chastening judgment of God would come. Tell me, when have you ever wept for the backslidings of America?

In 2016 we need to be a nation on our knees in prayer and fasting.

2 Chronicles 7:14

If, we ever forget that we are One Nation under God then we shall be a nation gone under.

~Ronald Reagan~

-C. Wren