Christian Vote

On November 4, people will go to the polls to vote for our mid-term elections and our country needs the Christian vote today, more than at any other time. However, because we are not voting for our president and vice president in this election, many people will not vote. They do not see this election as essential as the presidential race.

I have to tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. Every election is essential. The right to vote is at the heart of our Constitution. With our vote, we choose the leadership of our country. When we vote, we decide who will represent us in our cities, states and in Washington D.C.

As I look at the world, this country and the policies we are enforcing, I know my right to vote is essential to my life as a citizen of this great nation, and, more importantly, as a Christian. If we want to be governed by men and women who support biblical standards, we have to vote for them.

It is important to note, we will not always have the option of voting for a Christian, that is why we have to do our homework and know what the candidates stand for. They may not be godly, but they could still be pro-life and traditional marriage. These are just two moral issues we have to look at.

Throughout my life, I have always been very interested in the leadership of our country and the policies they support. Even before I came to the Lord, I always felt the responsibility of voting for men and women who believed in and supported Constitution of the United States and the separation of power.

While we are pilgrims and sojourners here on this earth, waiting to go home to the Lord, we still have a responsibility to stand for righteousness as long as we are here. Please do not ignore the incredible privilege we have to vote and influence the laws and policies our country is run by. Thursday, November 4, make your Christian voice be heard—VOTE!

~Staff Write