The presidential debates have begun! This has created an interesting line-up of candidates for ‘we the people’ to hear and observe. Many Americans tuned in to watch the debates; to help formulate their opinions and perhaps weed out the weak. These debates set off a chain reaction of frenzied chatter from people all over the country, who now have a firmer decision on who they believe should be chosen for the honorable position of our next American president.

This is no beauty pageant with a line-up of presidential hopefuls wishing to gain for themselves a silk sash, jeweled crown, prize money, fame and fortune!  The President of the United States is a serious station and these are serious times. We need a God fearing man or woman who will be strong and courageous as a leader in these dire times we now live.

They will have to have the tenacity to right the many wrongs; by hopefully undoing the harmful and damaging changes that our current President has caused the American people to endure. I, for one, will be glad when Obama is gone. I did not vote for him, he has neither done this great country or its people any good. I cannot help but feel the American people have been betrayed by this President, he seems to have had his own agenda. Consider what has transpired under President Obama, the current issues at hand, the solutions the candidates have discussed and how you will vote righteously in the upcoming elections.

Through his liberal and socialist views President Obama has taken our beautiful country to an all-time low.  He promised change and then the worst kind of change came: he took us to new depths of bankruptcy, weakened our military defense, morale and morals. We are no longer a world super power, but have been made a laughing stock to our enemies; whom he is helping, at this very hour to make stronger. Obama has stopped America from becoming more energy independent by keeping closed the Alaskan Keystone Pipeline. His vetoed decision continues to keep us reliant on expensive foreign oil from the war torn Middle East.  The crisis on immigration, where Americans are denied jobs and employers are paid rewards for hiring on illegals is preposterous! Weakening border patrol, forcing cities to take illegal children and granting amnesty to millions is a fatal mistake and an unbelievable idiocy that is hard for us legal Americans to swallow.  Lighting the White House in rainbow colors was the last straw, it showed that his administration is misguided and misunderstands tolerance and sin.

The President has helped to twist us into an abnormal society of moral decay; helping the LGBT community who has an extremely proactive political agenda. They have worked hard to get to the hearts and minds of our children in our schools and our military for years.

While I am at it, what about the so-called affordable Obama Care? It has been nothing short of one of America’s worst nightmares. Who names a health service after their own name? That reminds me of the monument of Nebuchadnezzar, who built an image of himself and asked the people when they heard the music to bow down and worship his idol (Daniel 3). ‘We the people’ will not be summoned or forced to bow down to Obama Care.

I have heard it said, that Obama Care is not only expensive but people cannot get through the maze of trouble computer failures, failed insurance billing that has left people with unpaid medical bills, and the avoidance of doctors taking patients with this trouble insurance over concerns of never getting paid.  In fact it has left our vulnerable citizens without affordable health care, and to put salt on the wounds, penalized them with a fine at tax time. Talk about kicking the America people when they are down. I hope Obama Care can be repealed.

One of the hardest ongoing debates is the issue of barbarically killing innocent born and unborn babies and harvesting their body parts. Our politicians and Planned Parenthood medical personal are likened to a systematic killing machine, purely for cold blooded business.  They, as a matter of fact, hide behind a sophisticated civilized curtain of research. We should be sickened. We are shocked at the barbaric terriosts who take off children’s heads and with pointed fingers, cry out against these barbarous acts. Look within America, when we point one finger towards others there are three other fingers point back at us, hypocrites, we under a civilized name of Planned Parenthood, are just as guilty of the murderous slaughter of the defenseless innocent. Look how far we have fallen as a nation. Can you not see the chastening hand of God in the results?

I hope God has America’s attention. Many Pastors, have warned of God’s judgment on America; in His sovereignty He has allowed such a President to govern us. We deserve to be judged; but we pray for His mercy. We are just like Israel who wanted a king; they did not want God to govern them. God gave them Saul and they suffered under his reign (1 Samuel 8:10-21).

We are on the brink of another monumental election for a new president in 2016. It is time for change once more.  Let us consider voting righteously. My debatable thoughts on our presidential hopefuls and what to look for in a candidate will be continued next week . . .


Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.

 Proverbs 14:34

C. Wren