Do Not Be Deceived

Recently, Paramount Pictures released the movie Noah, portraying it as a biblical epic. The story of Noah, in the Book of Genesis is an epic story. In it, we see the great flood God sent upon the world in response to man’s sin out of control. Noah was a man obedient to the call of God.

Unfortunately, the movie Noah is in no way biblical. It is a story written by two men who do not follow the Lord and do not know the Word of God. It is their personal interpretation of the story, not the actual story as written by God.

It puzzles me that such a dramatic and epic story needed to be rewritten for a movie. It seems God’s version, which is the truth, is far more dramatic than anything a mere man could write.

What puzzles me more is the number of Christians who are going to see this movie, which falsely depicts Noah, God and many of the people in the story. Honestly, what is better than reading the true story in the Bible?

As I study God’s Word, the Lord speaks to me every day. I do not want to pollute what God gave us for good, with a man’s misrepresentation of His Word, His story. Every person has to make their own decision whether to support these false depictions of God’s work; we all have our own liberties. I pray every person takes the time to investigate the true intent behind these films before going.

— Staff Writer