FEAR of the LORD

With all the changes happening in our world today, one thing is very clear. People no longer have the fear of the Lord. I am not talking about being afraid of God, but having awe and respect for the Creator of the universe. Solomon, the wisest man in history understood the fear of the Lord and he wrote: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction (Proverbs 1:7).

Not only do people lack the fear of Lord, they do not understand the holiness of God. He is a holy and righteous God. Think about what happened when Jesus was on the Cross and He took on all our sin. At that time, the Father had to turn from His Son, because He is holy; He is righteous and He could not even look upon His Son, covered with our sin. Jesus cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” (Matthew 27:46).

As I watch the news and read the headlines, it is clear many do not fear the Lord. They have no wisdom as they say, “Jesus would approve of same-sex marriage,” and “Everyone is going to heaven because God is love.” It would seem the people saying these things have not read their Bibles. They do not appear to know God’s Word.

However, the saddest thing about these statements is how often they are being spoken from the pulpit. There are men and women who claim they are pastors and leaders in the church who are speaking false words to the people. They are no longer sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ but the lies of Satan.

Unfortunately, this is not new. As I look at what is happening, I am reminded of the prophet Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. Why was he weeping? The people were choosing sin over the Lord. There were false prophets leading the people to hell and they would not listen to Jeremiah. God Himself revealed the lies of the false prophets:

And the Lord said to me, “The prophets prophesy lies in My name. I have not sent them, commanded them, nor spoken to them; they prophesy to you a false vision, divination, a worthless thing, and the deceit of their heart (Jeremiah 14:14).

The false pastors today are no different than the false prophets of the Old Testaments. They are saying “Thus says the Lord …” but they are not truly speaking for the Lord. They are speaking against His Word, speaking the lies of the devil.

It is true; Jesus loves all people, but He is coming in judgment for both the righteous and unrighteous. He said it Himself in John 9:39: And Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind.”

It is true; Jesus loves all people, but all roads do not lead to heaven. He said it Himself in John 14:6: Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

It is true; Jesus loves all people, but those who choose to practice sin will not inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus said: The Son of Man will send out His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness, and will cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 13:41-42).

Those who practice sin will not go to heaven, not because God does not love them, but because they choose sin over God. Those who choose same-sex marriage have chosen to practice lawlessness and will receive the penalty of their sin, according to Romans 1:26-27:

For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

While there are topics not specifically addressed in God’s Word, most moral issues are addressed quite clearly. When the Bible speaks clearly, man cannot and should not speak in opposition to God. To do so is blasphemy against the Lord.

For those teaching the people in opposition to God’s Word and yet saying, “Thus says the Lord …” there will be a great accounting before the Lord. Jesus said: For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more (Luke 12:48).

There is a great sadness in my heart and my soul is grieved as I watch the deception taking place today. I read the Book of Jeremiah and I understand the great despair he felt for the people: My heart within me is broken because of the prophets; all my bones shake. I am like a drunken man, and like a man whom wine has overcome, because of the Lord, (Jeremiah 23:9).

If there ever was a time when we need to pray for our leaders and pray for our nation, today is that time. Wickedness and lawlessness have become the rule of our nation. People have embraced sin and turned from the Lord. We must pray for our people to turn back to the Lord and the knowledge of Him. Only then will our nation be united and our leaders will have the wisdom they need to lead this great country.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. For by me your days will be multiplied, and years of life will be added to you” (Proverbs 9:10-11).

~Staff Writer