Investing in the Future

Pastor Raul has always had a heart for the youth. He recognizes they are the future of the church. In the past, we have had such great preachers and teachers as Charles H. Spurgeon, Charles Finney, Dwight L. Moody, Alan Redpath, Billy Graham, Chuck Smith and the list goes on and on. As we look forward, who will continue on in the tradition of these great men of faith? Who will go out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as Hudson Taylor did in 1853, when he left England for China?

All of these men had one thing in common; their great love and faith in Jesus Christ. They were men who knew God and knew His Word. When faced with adversity, they clung to the promises in His Word. They were not discouraged by circumstances.

Calvary Chapel Golden Springs has made an investment into the future pastors, teachers and missionaries of Jesus Christ. For many years, the Bible College at CCGS was an affiliate of Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta. This year, 2014, the CCGS Bible College (CCGS-BC) has received approval to issue their own degrees. With this major step forward, students will be able to attend Bible College locally and receive their Associates of Theology Degree after two years at CCGS-BC.

The importance of this new chapter in the Bible College is immense. It opens many doors for the current students and those praying about attending a Bible college. Through this program, a person who wants to study God’s Word and gain a closer relationship with Him, in order to go out and serve Him, can earn their Associate degree at a fraction of the costs involved in a four year university.

In addition, a student who has earned an AA from a Junior College can transfer to CCGS Bible College and receive a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree, after completing the two-year program. Conversely, a student graduating with an Associate degree from CCGS-BC can go to a Junior College to complete their General Education and have their degree upgraded to a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree.

As we look at the events going on around the world today, we see the tremendous need for men and women who know God’s Word and have a heart to share it with the unsaved. It is exciting to see Pastor Raul and CCGS make this great investment into these men and women.

— Staff Writer