The Voice of the Church

With the elections around the corner, Americans were glued to their televisions on Monday, September 26, 2016––to watch the first of three Presidential debates.   As if tuning into a boxing match, we watched as Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump politely came out of their corners, touched gloves, so to speak, before they began punching. A match of mudslinging and flying accusations ensued. We watched two candidates badgering each other, firing words back and forth, swinging punches, until the ninety minute dramatic bout concluded. Did the hurdling blows hurt or cripple the opponents? Were there any fiery comments that hit their challenger below the belt?  Was there a knock-out punch that sent one opponent to the floor––out for the count? The debate certainly sent newscasters, radio stations and international audiences reeling, as they quickly added up the points and presumed to raise the arm of the Presidential winner! But let us not be too hasty to hand over the victory trophy. There is still time to consider what is at stake and whom? We should vote for as Christians and responsible American citizens.

Laying aside both candidates’ obvious flaws, we need to ask ourselves some hard-hitting questions: Who is most apt to safeguard the American people? Is there a candidate dedicated to the task of protecting our vulnerable borders, especially from terrorism? Which candidate, in their past track record, has allowed terrorism to grow and terrorist cells to form, unabated, on our home soil? Who is at ease with negotiations that equip our enemies with nuclear capabilities or sits down at a table for further political decisions with terrorists, which only adds to the destabilization of the world’s safety? Who has turned a blind eye to the slaughter of Christians and other minorities in the Middle East?

Are we willing, as a people, to trust our national security to someone who has already breached it and jeopardized American lives? Concerns have been increasingly voiced over the current political environment which has tied the hands of both the police and FBI, to the point, where they are unable to do their jobs in fear of offending a Muslim. In my opinion, I’d rather one person be offended than our streets be littered with injured, maimed and dead people!  Take into careful consideration, the person most beneficial in office should be committed to the protection of our free country. When in office, who would support better relations between America and Israel? Under the current administration, Israel has certainly been snubbed.

Who will ensure the protection our Second Amendment rights?  What about the person best to defend our religious freedoms? What candidate would you choose to stop the tidal wave of liberal laws, the idiocy and lack of common sense laws used, like the school transgender bathroom bill?  These bills have dangerous implications for the safety of our children.  Who, between the two political parties, will stand against the murderous horrors of late term abortions? On a side note, I ask you, are we really among the deplorable for the values we hold?

To most, the feedback from the debate was that poised politician Hilary Clinton got under Donald Trump’s skin.  Be careful; do not be swayed by the smooth talking eloquence of a seasoned politician ready to paint a bad picture of her opposition and show him in the worst light.  Did not wicked Jezebel, empowered by her queenly position, set to flight Elijah?  Even the righteous cower and run at times (1 Kings 19).

Perhaps, people are just fed up with the insincere red tape bureaucracy that politicians have handed the American people in the past eight years.  Disillusioned with the political rhetoric and political correctness, it is no wonder the American people have leaned towards an unpolitic, unpolished candidate. They are now even willing to try the odds and give the position of President of the United States to a successful, millionaire business man.  Is it possible, that Trump could help us out of the trillions of dollars of debt raised by the Obama Administration––a debt that has weakened America among the other nations? After eight years of failure why not go with a candidate wanting to ‘Make America Great Again’?

Tough questions for the American people to consider,   as we try to discern, we need to understand this important race is not between voting for a Democrat or Republican. But who, between the two candidates would better stand for what is right, our Christian values and principles. Christians, who do not care for either candidate, should not opt-out of voting, it is our civil duty. For many people, voting has become complicated and they need assistance. As an immigrant myself, who became a citizen and is registered to vote, I have certainly reached out for help.  It is important to understand the issues and there are helpful websites available to research the candidates such as: electionforum.org.

Christians, as a whole, need to wake up and vote before they and their families are stripped of the freedoms our American men and women have fought and died for. Where is the voice of the Church? If we fail to let our voices be heard now, “We the People” over the upcoming years, could very well be silenced…

As an immigrant, I consider voting a great privilege. You can read between the lines of what I have written and perceive who I will most likely vote for. I for one––would rather raise my voice and vote than to sit idly by in silence and do absolutely nothing.


C. Wren