Violence Fills the Earth

Paris became a war zone, a blood bath of innocent victims whose blood stained bodies lay scattered in its streets and buildings. The beautiful famed City of Love and City of Light became a place of hellish hate and devilish darkness; even the Eiffel Tower turned off its beacon of light. It was a living nightmare on Friday, November 13, in six horrific locations. ISIS had its trained, cold blooded killers, murder unarmed multicultural civilians. These mad men with a fixated ideology waged their calculated attacks and stormed the peaceful streets of Paris; including the Bataclan Theater.

The gunshots, exploding grenades and suicide bombs sent civilians scattering for cover in all directions. Emergency alarms sounded and police flooded the streets in force, hoping to take down the terrorists and rescue trapped hostages. The French capital was in chaos, the city ordered to lock down, nobody on the streets and the country’s borders were shut. The aftermath left 129 dead, 352 injured and 99 remain in critical condition. Predawn raids then discovered a terrifying arsenal, of hidden terrorist weaponry.

Our unchecked enemy is becoming bolder; their warfare violence is not only concentrated in the Middle East but increasingly in the West. ISIS is determined to cause civilian casualties, to wreak havoc and bring about their Islamic agenda. Remember this is a different type of war, both militarily and ideologically.

Monday, the Eiffel Tower relit in blue, white and red; while other monuments around the world lit up, in unified solidarity. In response the World Trade Center also ablaze in the French national flag colors.  Americans identify with the grief, remembering the horrors of 9/11; we too have been vulnerable to terrorist attack. This horrendous event serves as yet another reminder that we best keep our second amendment rights to bear arms and protect our homes.

What was brought to light in the ongoing investigations is that one of the Paris attackers came in from the Greek island Leros, among the refugees, with a fake Syrian passport. This brings up the subject of Obamas plan to accept 10,000 supposedly helpless Syrian refugees. Personally, I believe this is nothing more than a ‘Trojan Horse’ tactic of the enemy, where they can easily hide among the entering masses. If the President has his way, he would be spreading out a welcome mat to armed hidden terrorists. More than half our nation’s governors have taken a stand and are refusing asylum to Syrian refugees; they understand we need to protect Americans! Paul Ryan stated, “America has always been welcoming, but terrorist take advantage of our compassion, this is a moment where we need to be safe rather than sorry.”

Earlier in August, strong words of leadership from Senator Ted Cruz, addressed this very issue. He warned that those who join ISIS are signing their death warrant. He continued by saying that if any American travels to the Middle East and joins ISIS, he or she forfeits their citizenship  in America, so that they cannot use a passport to come back and wage Jihad on American’s.  That’s more like it; this is the kind of tough leadership America needs!

In this present crisis, he reiterated his assertion that it is “lunacy” to allow Muslim refugees into the United States, declaring there is no way to know if they are aligned with the Islamic State.  Senator Cruz said we should open the borders to displaced Christians, arguing there is not a “meaningful risk” that Christians will commit terrorist acts. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush also said Sunday that any assistance going to refugees from the Middle East should be concentrated on Christians.  “We should focus our efforts as it relates to refugees on the Christians that are being slaughtered,” he told CNN’s State of the Union.

Recently a video documentary raised other relevant concerns when refugees from Syria were warmly welcomed into Germany. The commentator said: “These are not your normal refugees. Where are the women and children?” These are strong men, and in their strength and numbers they are already making demands and threats. The results, women and children have been raped; German local police have been challenged. The German people are becoming a minority; even the children of these countries now live in constant fear. They have to run home, on their own street unable to look a foreign person in the eyes from fear of being beaten! The European countries have been overrun; they are losing this battle.

These problems will be coming to America. Islamic ideology has already infiltrated our schools and colleges, the Koran is in and the bible is out! The world stands on the edge . . . will this violence lead to World War III?  Pope Francis seems to think so and stated: . . . “Attacks in Paris are part of a ‘Piecemeal Third World War.”

A sad point that Benjamin Cazenoves made, while trapped on the first floor of the Bataclan Theater when he exclaimed: “They are cutting down the world one by one . . .”

Violence is increasing and covering all countries around the world; it is real, it is prophetical and God will ultimately intervene. As Christians we know this is a sign of the last days; the Lord Himself directed us to look at the days of Noah: But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be (Matthew 24:37).

What where these days likened too? The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence (Genesis 6:1).

May God help us! As Christians, living in the world that is filled with violence and spiritual darkness, may our beacon of light shine bright and never be put out . . . (Matthew 5:16)

C. Wren