How Do I Vote?

We have an election coming up and, just as in the past, many Christians are unsure who and what to vote for. They watch the nightly news, but they just do not know who stands for what or what measures will help the state and which will hurt us. There is so much information needed, in order to make good choices.

There are so many people who wait until Election Day to make a decision, which is not bad, unless that is the day they decide to do the research. It is impossible to make informed decisions without sound, unbiased information.

Unfortunately, unbiased news reporting has become a thing of the past. Prime time, network news is more interested in tabloid television than unbiased news reporting. There are issues you will never see discussed or exposed on the network news channels, and it is a great travesty for the people of this country.

As Christians, we have an obligation to vote according to biblical standards. WWJD—we all remember the bracelets. It means, “What Would Jesus Do.” This is the standard we need to look at when we vote. There are many moral issues we have to look at and know where the candidates stand on them.

It is impossible to vote according to WWJD, if we do not read our Bibles and take the time, every day, to be informed about what is happening in our nation. There are many Christian agencies who provide daily updates on the issues that affect Christians in their personal and professional lives.

The Family Research Council and The American Center for Law and Justice both put out email blogs every day, addressing issues directly impacting the lives of the American people and specifically Christians.

I challenge every person, Christian and non-Christian, to take the time and do the research. Do not vote based on what you have heard from someone else. Really look at the voting records of every candidate and then ask yourself, “What Would Jesus Do?”

— Staff Writer