Wise Men Still Seek Him

In San Bernardino County on December 2, 2015, Islamic extremists left 14 persons murdered and 22 wounded. In response to the mass shootings, many leading politicians offered their sincere condolences and heart felt prayers for the victims and their families. The next day, New York Daily News headlined their paper with: ‘GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS’, leaving many readers in shock.

The caption mocked God and Christianity; it also mocked Christian politicians. The paper blasted men of faith, such as: Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson, for hiding behind meaningless platitudes. They continued by degrading them as mere cowards for not helping end the menace of our gun control issues . . . as if taking guns away from law abiding citizens will fix the problem?

I will not address those who mocked our holy God; they are the swine to whom we should not throw our precious Gospel pearls to be stomped under foot (Matthew 7:6). Perhaps they do not deserve to hear such sweet revelations.  If they remain unrepentant their vain hearts will cause them to stay in a spiritual darkness, a hopeless black bleakness of unbelief (Romans 1:21).

Their political mockery of sincere men, who called upon the Almighty for the comfort of those hurting, is no different than the scoffers who mocked Christ on the cross. They would have Him be seen as weak, useless and having no power to save Himself (Matthew 27:39-44).

Certainly, we do not want those weak in the faith to waver at words that could have tossed them about as waves at sea. In a firm rebuttal to the newspapers flagrant statements, I address those, who through their blasphemous mockery, might have been falsely influenced. Perhaps many people are having second thoughts about God’s love and His unchanging character?

So here I stand on my ‘blog soap box’; as if in London’s Hyde Park, where you can stand on a box and say what you will. I call out to those who will still listen to sound biblical reason, while we still have freedom of speech.

Consider a simple analogy if you will, you need a qualified mechanic to fix a car; a licensed plumber to fix a leak, a certified doctor for your health . . . the list goes on. For worldwide problems such as mass terrorism, famine, death and destruction where would you go?  Is there anyone who would like to step up to the plate? Any qualified genius among the human race that would like the job? The peace keeping UN perhaps? They have not succeeded yet but if you must trust them go ahead!

Here is a profound truth for anyone to digest, God created the world; and on the contrary to the New York Daily news stand point He is the only One qualified to fix it! Let’s get something completely straight, let’s untwist the liberal anti-God thinking and keep our eyes fixed on the only One who can truly fix our world.

In fact, as we speak, He is in the process of doing so. I would remind you that when Christ died on the cross, it was not the end of His story, ‘God is not Dead’! It took time to mess up the world it will take time to fix it all; God’s prophetical time line is not ours.  He is the beginning and the end the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:8).

Did God not know how sin would affect His world made perfect? Did He not grasp that fallen man would murder and corrupt the earth from the beginning? Remember a time when the world was ruled by Rome and King Herod heartlessly killed all the baby boys, in an attempt to kill our Messianic King. Do you not think God knew that these awful tragedies would happen?

God in His wisdom knew all these things.  Before time began He provided a sure solution. Christ the Christmas child became sin for us; Christ on the cross has fixed everything in this fallen world (John 3:16).

Let me ask you a more personal question. Look at your life before you came to Christ; was it in need of fixing? I know a multitude of people whose lives have been fixed, their hearts forever changed. They can testify of Him . . .

He has consoled them when they were inconsolable by human words. He gave others beauty for ashes; joy for mourning. He has healed their broken hearts. For those bound by some sinful vice, He has set them free! For those heavy in depression; praise to lift them, good tidings to give them hope. Have you not known the miracle of a new heart?  God can fix a human heart, a lost sinner’s life, through the power of the Gospel Message (Isaiah 61:1-3).

Radical Muslims need Christ. It is only through divine intervention that such lost souls can be reached. Such as the Apostle Paul, of the sect of the Pharisees elite, a highly educated religious zealot became a threat to murder Christians. He sincerely thought he was so right in his persecution of them but he was dead wrong (Acts 9).  We can only pray for such enemies.

The Christmas story reminds us of the company of wise men who travel from the East to find the King of the Jews. They saw His star, and came to worship Him.

Foolish men may still mock Him, others wanted Him murdered, but truth be known, ‘Wise Men still Seek Him’ . . .

          What reaction do you have towards Christ this Christmas?

Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem, saying,  “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.”

Matthew 2:1-2