World Vision: Unity or Compromise

UPDATED – April 6, 2014 We are happy to see the leadership of World Vision has decided to continue their ministry under the biblical standards set by God in the His Word. We pray, as World Vision remains faithful to God’s teaching, His hand will continue to be upon the leaders and servants of this ministry, and He will continue to bless their service to the world.

POSTED – March 26, 2014 In an open letter, the ministry of World Vision has departed from biblical values to embrace cultural norms. Ministry president, Richard Stearns, and the board turned from the biblical view of marriage in his statement, “Thus, the board has modified our Employee Standards of Conduct to allow a Christian in a legal same-sex marriage to be employed at World Vision.”

While Stearns firmly claims to be making this change in order to bring unity, it is clearly unity with the world and division with the Word of God. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said it best, “Stearns is deceived. This isn’t neutrality — it’s open rebellion. If we’re going to follow Christ, we need to follow Him in every aspect — including the biblical design for the family.”

The Bible is very clear in its teaching on family and marriage. There is no ambiguity or room for interpretation. God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman, period. Any deviation from God’s Word is compromising, plain and simple.

As a ministry, we pray for God to intervene and speak to the leaders of this ministry. We have seen the Lord use it tremendously over the years, and pray it will turn back to the clear teaching of God’s Word.

— Staff Writer