Those desiring to become involved in the Children’s Ministry must fulfill the following requirements:

  • – Born Again Christian for a minimum of one (1) year.
  • – Attend Calvary Chapel twice a week for over six months.
  • – Have your life/family in order.
  • – Fill out a children’s ministry application.
  • – Copy of driver’s license on file with the application.
  • – Be in the word, prayer, fellowship, and attend the Leadership Training Class.
  • – Follow the teaching/doctrine of Calvary Chapel.
  • – Pass the three-month probation period.

Cleaning Team
Responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the toys, tables and equipment in all the children’s ministry classrooms.

Supports and assists the teacher in the classroom as needed.

Responsible for taking sign-ups and giving out information for all children’s ministry events.

Resource Room
Responsible for providing age appropriate curriculum, filling orders and serving the teachers so they can better teach the children. Also, to inventory, replenish and make sure all supplies are in good working order.

Service Coordinator
Responsible for discipling and training volunteers, making sure that each service runs smoothly and serves the teachers, parents and children as needed.

Responsible for teaching the Word of God, overseeing the classroom, building relationships and encouraging the children to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Worship Team
Leads or assists leader in Worship for all grades.